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Jeder Film, in drei Wörtern

When you’re not being challenged practice it. And then when you are being challenged by little things that goes [sic!] wrong so to speak in daily life that tends to happen you might have noticed things don’t always go according to your expectations. Sometimes you miss the bus, or something, or you miss the plane, or something else goes wrong, it tends to happen actually quite a lot; it seems to be part of life.

By the way it’s the reason why people go to see movies because the substructure of every movie that you see examine every movie you see, we could call it, it applies to virtually every movie you see … if … you can examine any movie you see what actually happens in the movie, in fact I can describe every movie to you in three words: „something goes wrong“. Because there wouldn’t be a movie otherwise, nothing would happen, nobody would evolve. Everything would be dead.

But in your own life you complain. So you see movies to see something go wrong but when it happens in your own life you complain. […] But so the strange thing is things are not meant not to go wrong; going wrong is part of the totality of how life experiences itself. If things wouldn’t go wrong it would be very uninteresting and nobody would evolve through the challenges that they encounter.

And in a good movie the protagonist or the character changes as he or she faces that which goes wrong in the movie. In a bad movie, the character does not go through any changes, that which goes wrong is only solved on an external level. In the end the bad guy is killed, and nothing else matters.

So something going wrong is part of how life experiences itself. And again you can then bring awareness to that so that you don’t always fall into reactivity when something goes wrong but you immediately align with it. Or when people behave in a way that you find offensive or they behave in a way that they offensive or they behave in a way that they create difficulties for you because you wanted this and they want something else, you don’t. You don’t have to go into hostility or opposition.

Quelle: Living with Meaning, Purpose, and Wisdom in the Digital Age | Eckhart Tolle | Talks at Google

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In dieselbe Kerbe schlägt das folgende Zitat:

„Happiness is not the absence of problems, it is the ability to deal with one.“
—Steve Maraboli

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