Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2006, 1:19 Uhr

Vision 85

Kurz vor dem Ins-Bett-Gehen noch ein kostenloser Tipp den Visionären unter uns – stell das Coke bei Seite und sauf mal Wasser!

[…] Most people would agree that their love affair with the sweet stuff—whatever flavor it might be—isn’t all that healthy, but no one would put it in the same class as a truly bad habit such as smoking or drinking alcohol to excess, right?

Wrong. Scientists are beginning to do just that. The bulk of the research has focused on connecting the dots between consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and weight gain, but there is mounting evidence that our national obsession with liquid candy affects more than just our figures. From the very first sip, experts say, cola starts to wreak havoc on the body. It corrodes the teeth, confuses the appetite-regulating hormones in the digestive tract, attacks the bones, and encourages the organ breakdown that leads to diabetes.

Quelle: The Case Against Soda

Ich bin meinen Eltern sehr dankbar, dass Sprudelgetränke in unserem Haushalt kaum getrunken wurden (höchstens zu besonderen Gelgenheiten wie Besuch). Hatte man Durst, drank man in der Regel Wasser – vom Wasserhanen (sog. „Hanenburger“). Es scheint mir gut getan zu haben *froi*

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