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Zuckerbergs Gesetz

„Once every hundred years media changes.“ –– Mark Zuckerberg, Gründer von Facebook

Quelle: Liveblogging Facebook Advertising Announcement (Social Ads + Beacon + Insights)

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It’s true. Look back over the last millennium or two, and you’ll see that every century, like clockwork, there’s been a big change in media. Cave painting lasted a hundred years, and then there was smoke signaling, which also lasted a hundred years, and of course there was the hundred years of yodeling, and then there was the printing press, which was invented almost precisely 100 years ago, and so forth and so on up to the present day — the day that Facebook picked up the 100-year torch and ran with it.

Quelle: Facebook founder’s 100-year flub

Fast so gut wie …

„During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.“ –– Albert Arnold „Al“ Gore, Jr.

Quelle: Al Gore „invented the Internet“ – resources

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