Donnerstag, 6. März 2008, 1:16 Uhr

MSIE8 sucks!

Wie ich das schon jetzt wissen kann? Na, der Browser kommt von Microsoft. Noch Fragen?

Of course, there are those who might suggest it’s only Microsoft that has problems hitting standards around interoperability and is trying to change the debate and buy time for IE 8 by putting the onus on the industry to revisit standards. […]

Referring to IE 7, Hachamovitch said: „My kids would hear stories about how the web isn’t working as it should, and they’d ask me: ‚Daddy, did you break the web?‘ Developers would answer the question a little differently,“ which prompted one keynote audience member sitting behind Reg Dev to growl „much differently.“

Quelle: Microsoft jump starts IE 8 with community push

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