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AIG und Krisenmanagement

Another problem with crisis management is that it distorts your response and causes you to focus on the wrong things. The AIG bonuses are a perfect example. I don’t want to sound cavalier, but in the context of the bailout and the larger economy, 165 million dollars are hardly worth focusing on. The bonuses have nothing to do (except in exposing bad judgment) with the core problem, which is that the true leaders of our country–the financiers–have been investing our assets in the wrong places. Now they’re not investing at all. Giving out another 165 million dollars in loans won’t make a difference.

Quelle: Bonus lessons from AIG: crisis management just sets up the next crisis – O’Reilly Broadcast

Die Lösung?

Start by trusting your staff to set long-term priorities accurately (partly by conveying to them honestly the long-term priorities of your organization). Tell your staff about problems when you hear about them, and ask the staff to analyze them for root causes and incorporate their lessons into their current planning. Also, ask the people most affected by the problem what they need to fix it.

Genau das habe ich vor wenigen Wochen gelernt: Es gibt Leute da draussen, die nur darauf warten, auf Panikmodus zu schalten – obwohl sie a) nicht verantwortlich sind und b) keinen Zugang zu allen Informationen haben …

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