Dienstag, 17. November 2009, 23:13 Uhr

Google Droid und der vorgezogene 1. April?

And things have turned surreal. Dan Morrill, from Google’s Android team, has confirmed that there’s a date-related bug in the Droid’s camera software that leads to it having cycles of good and bad focus that depend on the date. Our own testing confirmed this, as backdating to the 11th of November returned those red bars of of failure. Apparently, the cycles last 24.5 days, meaning that you’ll have good focus all the way to December 11, when the real fix is expected to drop. So breathe easy, Gotham, there are no phantom updates, just an oddly date-sentient camera.

Quelle: Motorola Droid camera autofocus fixed in secrecy? (Update: it’s a date-related self-correction)


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