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I really can’t imagine how i could afford all of this [summer holiday in the Med, winter snow-boarding holiday in the alps, new lotus elise, and about as many drunken girls flocking to my arms thanks to Microsoft.] if i didn’t have to add all those extra hours of hacking css code to get pages to display in IE properly.

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Der Witz am Ganzen: Wenn nur der Internet Explorer reich machen würde! Man überlege nur, wie viele PC-Supporter, MCSEs, Antviren- und Antispyware-Hersteller direkt auf Programmierfehler aus Redmond angewiesen sind, um ihr täglich Brot zu verdienen.

Genial ist aber auch:

What I really wanted to do here [ascend soapbox] is to praise MS for their undying support of the most important open standard since the web was created; layout with tables. […] This is the primary reason why the Internet Explorer team has resisted efforts from pressure from terrorist-developers (usually posing under the Open Source flag in an attempt to hide their identity) to bow to looser ideas such as Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support. Fully supporting CSS would instantly result not only in a great step backwards for the development of the web, but would open up previously unseen security holes in Internet Explorer.

Quelle: Support for tables

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