Montag, 30. Juli 2007, 21:32 Uhr

Goldman Sachs bonus babies

It worked for the Goldman Sachs bonus babies, and the private equity scammers, and for the corporate CEOs and their board members, and for the politicians who parlayed their votes into cushy lobbying jobs, and even for the miserable quants in the federal government’s termite mounds of statistical reportage. It even worked for about 18 months for millions of feckless US citizens gulled into contracts for houses they could never hope to pay for, under arrantly false and ruinous terms.

Quelle: Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler

Überall im Netz gibt es mittlerweile Grabgesänge auf die kürzliche Entwicklung am US-amerikanischen Finanzmarkt zu lesen. Der beste Vergleich über die Hypothekarkrise findet sich im selben Artikel:

This long episode of market mania, running for seven years, was based on the idea that non-performing loans could be turned into money by removing them from their point of origin and dressing them up in respectable clothes — like taking all the winos in downtown Los Angeles, putting them in Prada suits, and passing them off as the faculty of the Harvard Business School.

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