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Freitag, 21. September 2007

Windows-Kisten grosser Hersteller neu aufsetzen

Was einen Mac-Anwender an einem frisch gekauften Windows-Computer stört (in diesem Fall: Vaio-Laptop aus dem Hause Sony):

The VAIO came loaded with so much shovelware that it took in the ballpark of fifteen minutes just to boot the first time. After the desktop came up, the disk just kept grinding and grinding and grinding, as Norton (60 day trial!) popped up, followed by Trend Micro Anti-Spyware (60 day trial!), a dialog box warning me that my Bluetooth module was not set discoverable (uh, thanks?), a cascade of Sony windows (for which they designed their own window style), the Ask! Toolbar conveniently pre-installed itself into Internet Explorer, some bubbles asking me to set up such-and-such piece of hardware, and, I’m not kidding, an „All Programs“ menu in the Start Menu that spanned three columns.

Quelle: Macs Really Do Run Windows Better

Was macht man dagegen? Richtig, Windows neu installieren – und zwar nicht von den Recovery-CDs, sondern von einer Retail-Version. Leider hat man auch hier mit Problemen zu kämpfen:

Finding Sony’s driver site, and the correct page for my computer on that site was relatively painless. It would be the last painless moment of the process.

I suddenly found myself looking at a list of 40-50 individual installers. And of course, you can’t just click to download them — clicking on one of them takes you to the DOWNLOAD page, where you click AGAIN to download them. For every… single… one.

[…] A note about the installers themselves: They are most all the various hardware vendors‘ original driver installers, wrapped within ANOTHER installer by Sony for no apparent reason other than exclusively to piss me off. In addition, every single one of them is named in this format: SOAVUD-01451706-US.EXE

Yeah, so that number has nothing to do with anything. It’s not a version number, it’s not a date, it’s literally just 8 apparently random numbers. You give Windows users a 255 character filename limit and this is what they do?

I’m clicking away through the installers, trying to remember whether I just installed 01256339 or 12847214, so I don’t accidentally delete one I haven’t installed yet. And then the problems kick in. A couple of the installers just quit at the end, without any indication of either success or failure.

Als PC-Supporter habe ich das selbst unzählige Male erlebt. Lenovo (ex-IBM), HP, Dell – das Vorgehen ist immer identisch. Und es nervt. Die Kistenschieber haben noch viel zu lernen …

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