Donnerstag, 10. April 2008, 13:40 Uhr

Arme Hedge Funds

As for hedge funds, we have nothing against them. Au contraire, we value them as we value influenza and Russian roulette…. they help carry off the weak and eliminate the stupid.

[…] After the LTCM sinking, Meriwether swam ashore, dried himself off, and went back to doing what he did best – taking a big piece of investors‘ money. But in 2008, his flagship fund is down 28%. And he’s not the only one. It was the worst quarter ever for the hedge funds. And March was almost as bad for hedge fund managers as it was for Julius Caesar; […]

Quelle: The Present Period in Financial History Favours Ducks and Undertakers

Jaja, in den Iden des März wurde der Lauf der Geschichte schon mehr als einmal geändert.

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