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Dienstag, 20. Februar 2018

Reisedestination: Raja Ampat, Indonesien

Wieso das mittelfristig aber wohl nix mit einer Reise wird:

Die Anreise aus Hong Kong dauert mit dem Flugzeug via Jakarta und Makassar ungefähr 15 Stunden, je nach Verbindung.

Via: Kollege Wyss, Schweizer Expat in Hong Kong: RAJA AMPAT – MEIN TRAUM-REISEZIEL IN INDONESIEN

Ich will gar nicht wissen, wie lange es in dem Fall aus der Schweiz dauert mit der Anreise …

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Dienstag, 20. Februar 2018

Steve Jobs über Unternehmen, die auf Prozesse statt Inhalte schauen

You know what it is? People get confused. Companies get confused. When they start getting bigger they want to replicate their original success. And they start to think that somehow there is some magic in the process of how that success was created. So they start to institutionalise the process across the company. But before very long people get confused and think that the process is the content. And that was ultimately the downfall of IBM. IBM had the best process people in the world but they forgot about the content. And that’s what happened a little bit at Apple too. We had a lot of people who were great at management process and they didn’t have a clue as to the content. And in my career I found that the best people are the ones who understand the content. They are a pain in the butt to manage. You put up with it because they are so great in the content. And that’s what makes a great product. It is not process. It is content.

Via: Steve Jobs about Process and Content

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