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„Liebes China, wie hast du’s mit dem Ukraine-Konflikt?“

Zhao Lijian, Sprecher des Chinesischen Aussenministeriums:

We noted Secretary Blinken also claimed that “China is already on the wrong side of history” in his statement. Such smear against China fully exposes the US’ Cold War mentality featuring bloc confrontation. China is firmly opposed to such remarks that do no good to solving the problem.

On the Ukraine issue, China has been independently making its judgment based on the merits of the matter itself in an objective and just manner. The Chinese side always maintains that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected, and the purposes and principles of the UN Charter must be observed. We attach importance to the security concerns of all countries and support all efforts that are conducive to peaceful resolution of the crisis. As a responsible major country, China will continue to play a constructive role in maintaining world peace and stability.

International media lately mentioned many times that George Kennan, former US ambassador to the Soviet Union, suggested to the US government in the 1990s that expanding NATO up to Russia’s borders would be the most fateful error of American policy. Many well-known experts on international relations across the world have also made such advice. Regrettably, the US government turned a deaf ear to this, and was bent on advancing NATO’s eastward expansion, for five times already. The US’ decision on NATO’s eastward expansion is directly linked to the Ukraine crisis now. I read a report the other day that Tulsi Gabbard, former member of the US House of Representatives, said the crisis could have been ended and the war easily avoided if the US had simply promised not to accept Ukraine’s becoming a member of NATO. But they chose not to do so.

The key to solving the Ukraine crisis is in the hands of the US and NATO. We hope the US and NATO, the culprits of the crisis, can reflect upon their roles in the Ukraine crisis. They should earnestly shoulder due responsibilities and take real actions to ease the situation, resolve the problem and end the conflict in Ukraine at an early date.

Quelle: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s Regular Press Conference on March 17, 2022

Tölpelhafte Interpretation eines Laien wie mir: „Liebe USA, liebe NATO (und somit: liebes Westeuropa) — wir halten uns raus, bitte kümmert euch um euer hausgemachtes Problem.“

Man beachte insbesondere die Wortwahl: „culprits of the crisis“. Culprits kann man mannigfaltig übersetzen, von einem sanften „Urheber der Krise“, „Verantwortliche“, „Schuldige“, „Angeklagte“, „Übeltäter“ bis hin zu „Verbrecher hinter der Krise“.

Wenn die Sache nicht vollends eskaliert, werden Schweizer Geschichtslehrer und -professoren in ungefähr zehn bis fünfzehn Jahren ihren Schülern und Studenten genau solche Texte zur Quelleninterpretation vorlegen.

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