Dienstag, 13. November 2007

Alle ab ins Kader

And a year and a half later, I was so despondent that I finally worked up the courage to issue an ultimatum: I get a demotion [Degradierung] or I walk. That was a fun talk. I had to have it two or three times, which isn’t usually how ultimatums work. The idea of actually sliding back down the org chart is not a notion that makes sense to the people you have to demand it of. But if you’re patient and throw in phrases like “utility curve” and “return on investment” into the inevitably rambling, discursive rant, you can get them to some minimal level of understanding: You don’t want to be like them. Middle management isn’t everybody’s goal. Upper management either.

[…] The idea of coming into work and attending meetings all day — talking to people — leaves me depressed and surly. I’m sure that the notion of being locked in a room with nothing but a keyboard and a monitor makes natural manager-types itchy as well.

[…] I’m a good programmer because I’m a bad manager. If I were a good manager, I’d probably be a terrible programmer. […]

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