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College really isn’t necessary.

Marriage is something that every girl look forward to during her childhood. I believe that every girl should marry every guy that is rich so girls can just go and get their nails done and take the kids shopping. I don’t think that college is necessary because you go to school twelve years out of your life and after that you should be done.

Men, I can understand if they want to go to school longer to get a better education to work on stuff they like to do. Every man should have money so he can support his family. Even if he doesn’t want to get married I think all boys should go to college. I don’t think girls should have to go to college. They are too busy with their life and family.

But I can understand if a girl want to go to beauty school, cause every girl should have options but personally I don’t think and get their nails done or go shopping. Have a great time. I’m not saying boys should have the life of work and distress because they are humans but they need to work if they want to have a good life because obviously their wives won’t be bringing home the money.

I guarantee that no girl will marry a pour guy cause every girl wants the life of a princess. When your husband gets home from work you can go out to eat with all the money he makes and also pay all the bills. Girls should all have back up plans but nothing that needs college to succeed. Maybe like a day care out of your home. So girls, have fun. Boys, start working!

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