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Das Arbeitsleben eines Papparazzis in LA

I quickly learned that celebrity pictures were worth far more than news pictures. The front page of the Times of London, for instance, would fetch $1,000, while a front page and a double-page spread in a glossy showbiz magazine could easily get you $10,000. […]

When I was covering Britney [Spears], I’d get to her house at midmorning — she is not an early riser. I’d park in one of the many gravel parking bays along Mulholland, away from the no-stopping zone near her home. The other paps would already be there, usually in blacked-out SUVs or Range Rovers. I’d sit and wait, making sure that no one was blocking my quick getaway and that my camera was close at hand.

Then, out of nowhere, Britney’s white convertible would speed past. It would be a mad dash to get near the front of the pack — although often you’d be 10 or more cars back, just relying on the the guy in the SUV in front of you, who in turn was following the guy in front of him. You’d drive so close that you’d keep one foot on the gas and the other covering the brake. Accidents were common.

Quelle: The snapper snapped

Das Leben als Britney Spears muss schon echt verschissen sein – da will man rasch in den Supermarkt eine Milch und eine Packung Kellogs kaufen gehen, und im Rückspiegel des Autos sieht man eine Kolonne SUVs, die einem auf Schritt und Tritt verfolgen … Kein Wunder wird man da Reif für die Klapse!

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