Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2008, 16:03 Uhr

Fürchterliches Essen in London

Nobelpreisträger Krugman über die Ökonomie hinter der Nahrungszubereitung in London:

by the time it became possible for urban Britons to eat decently, they no longer knew the difference. The appreciation of good food is, quite literally, an acquired taste–but because your typical Englishman, circa, say, 1975, had never had a really good meal, he didn’t demand one.

Quelle: Supply, Demand, and English Food

Daraus leitet er (wohl) einer seiner Theorien ab:

a free-market economy can get trapped for an extended period in a bad equilibrium in which good things are not demanded because they have never been supplied, and are not supplied because not enough people demand them.

Soviel zum Segen der Marktwirtschaft …

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