Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008, 12:52 Uhr

Apple setzt in Snow Leopard weiterhin auf Resource Forks

Und das nervt! Ressource Forks sind scheisse, nicht zuletzt, weil sie mit Unix Tools Probleme bereiten (bis diese umgeschrieben sind, wie bspw. rsync).

– File compression has been added to the HFS+ file system. […]

Developers who write disk utility programs may need to recognize these files exist, and some details about how they are implemented. In the st_flags field of the stat struct of a compressed file, bit SF_COMPRESSED will be set to indicate that the file is compressed. In addition to this bit, the compression information will be stored in invisible extended attributes “” and possibly the “”. On a Tiger or Leopard system, these files will show up as zero length and have the indicated extended attributes. On Snow Leopard, the file’s length will show up as its uncompressed length and these extended attributes will be invisible to your software.

Quelle: Latest Snow Leopard Build (10A190) Now Available [Seed Notes] | World of Apple

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