Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Erste Prophezeiungen von 1947 über den Konflikt im Nahen Osten

Das Desaster zeichnete sich bereits 1947 ab:

We utterly deny the right of Great Britain to give away Arab land for a „national home“ for an entirely foreign people.

The present catastrophe may be laid almost entirely at your door. Your government, almost alone in the world, is insisting on the immediate admission of 100,000 more Jews into Palestine—to be followed by countless additional ones. This will have the most frightful consequences in bloody chaos beyond anything ever hinted at in Palestine before.

Quelle: King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein (1882-1951)

… als Terroristen bezeichnete man damals noch die andere Seite:

It is American dollars which support the terrorists, which buy the bullets and pistols that kill British soldiers—your allies—and Arab citizens—your friends.

We in the Arab world were stunned to hear that you permit open advertisements in newspapers asking for money to finance these terrorists, to arm them openly and deliberately for murder.

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