Freitag, 10. Juli 2009, 1:04 Uhr

Firefox 3.5 sucks

Instead of using the randomization functionality of the underlying operating system (which has this feature build-in as every TCP stack for example needs it), they did what Mozilla in general always does: they re-invented the wheel.

To solve the problem of the randomization, the NSS team came up with something clever, something so great, that no-one else had ever thought of that before: they decided to read the files in all possible temp folders on disk with multiple threads so these files can be used as seeds for the randomization. Brilliant. Temp folders! Why hasn’t anyone else thought of using a disk-based resource for random number generation! I mean, these folders change every couple of milliseconds, have immediate access, no latency to read their contents and are never filled to the brim with useless cruft!

Quelle: The Firefox 3.5 fiasco – Frans Bouma’s blog

Wieder ein Grund mehr, weiterhin glücklich mit Safari um die Welt zu surfen … Wer braucht schon Extensions?

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