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Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

Wir fühlen nicht mehr, wenn wir genug gegessen haben!

Aus „Abnehmen für Geeks“ (oder so):

Buster gets a clear signal every time he eats too little, but never hears a thing when he eats too much, unless it’s enough to actually make him sick. Like Sam, like Oscar, like all of us, from time to time Buster’s inclined to overeat. But nothing tells him to stop; not then, and not the next day.

Quelle: Bulky Blown-up Buster

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Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

150 Jahre Gefängnis

Poor Bernie. The man has been ordered to spend 150 years in the hoosegow. What for? Who did he kill? A century and a half seems a little excessive for a financial crime. You could hold up three liquor stores and rape a whole convent and still not get 150 years.

Quelle: Bernie Madoff and the SEC

Doch die Weltgeschichte ist nun einmal voll von Sündenbockpolitik … und von den 6 Milliarden homines oeconomici auf diesem Planeten hat’s halt ihn mit der Karte „1 Runde ins Gefängnis“ erwischt.

Man bedenke aber folgendes:

But didn’t he lie to investors? Well, yes…he exaggerated the returns investors were likely to get from his fund. But if you put every fellow on Wall Street who does that in jail, you wouldn’t have any room for stick-up men and wife beaters.

Isn’t he the biggest financial scammer of all time? Well…he’s the title-holder now. But he has a lot of competition close on his heels. Bernie’s crime was taking money from people under false pretenses…and then being unable to give it back to them. How is that different from the financing activities of the US government?

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