Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

EU leiht sich ihr eigenes Geld

In Europe the banks have a good hustle going – almost as good as in the United States. They borrow money from the European central bank and then lend it back to the government.

Quelle: In Europe, Banks Borrow Money and Lend it Back to the Government

Tönt wie im guten alten Frankreich, im prärevolutionären Ancien Régime:

„[…] what they [independent financiers] often did with it in practice was to lend it to the government in short-term credits—so that the king found himself borrowing and paying interest on his own money.“

Quelle: Doyle, William: Origins of the French Revolution, Oxford, 3rd ed., 1999, S. 51.

Dann warten wir doch einfach darauf, dass zu gegebener Zeit die Revolution folgt …

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