Mittwoch, 22. August 2007

Deutschland-Howto für Amis

  • We know beer – you don’t.
    I don’t know who labeled your dishwater “beer”, but it’s misleading. When you order a beer in Germany – don’t expect it to be ice cold. And yes, the foam is intended to be there.
  • The Autobahn
    This much is true: On the autobahn no speed limit sign actually means no speed limit.
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  • When you want to see people wearing “Lederhosen” – go to Bavaria.
    Bavaria is the German Texas. People speak in a funny way, wear strange things and the rest of the country makes fun of them. The Bavarian “Lederhosen” are like the Texan cowboy hats.
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  • Should you travel with kids age 16 or older: Watch them.
    They are legally allowed to drink beer and wine. No hard liquor, though.
  • No math needed. Our stated prices include taxes.
    I never understood why you put price tags on products, that don’t state what you have to pay.

Quelle: 20 things to keep in mind when visiting Germany

Lustig – und so wahr! *smile*

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