Freitag, 2. November 2007

Wo verstecken sich die amerikanischen Jobs?

The economy added 166,000 jobs in October, the fastest pace in five months, the Labor Department said this morning. […]

Some analysts saw distortions in the data, questioning an increase in administrative jobs. Others said that most of the job gain came from an estimate that the Labor Department makes each month about how many jobs were added by new businesses, known as the “birth and death” model. The Labor Department did not actually find evidence of these jobs; it assumed they were created based on historical patterns.

Quelle: Employment Report Shows 166,000 Gain in Jobs

Aus dem Land der heisslaufenden Gelddruckerpressen kommen erneut erstaunliche Nachrichten, die von der Seriösitat des behördlich-wirtschaftlichen Komplexes zeugen …

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