Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2008, 16:27 Uhr

Auf dem Weg ins Paradies falsch abgebogen

(oder nur die Ausfahrt verpasst?)

Greed made fools of investors for many years. At its height – probably in 2006-07 – people were ready to do the damnedest things with their money. The moms and pops bought an extra house – sure it would go up. The masters of the universe sold moms‘ and pops‘ debt to each other. Rich investors gave their money to hedge fund managers – and paid them hundreds of millions for gambling it away. Others paid fortunes to executives to run companies they didn’t really understand into brick walls they didn’t see coming. But, for many years, everybody was getting rich; so what was not to like?

Quelle: Stocks in a Free-Fall

… und wieder andere gründeten Investment-Clubs.

But when the cycle turns from greed to fear…all that credit is like excess fuel in a crash landing. It tends to explode.

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