Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009, 11:03 Uhr

Wie kommen die USA nur aus diesem Schlamassel raus?!

You’ve got a debtor nation whose largest corporate institutions are failing (perhaps a preview of State failure). It’s shipped its industrial infrastructure off-shore and replaced it with a financial industry that thrived on credit and derivatives. And now you wonder why investors are pushing interest rates on your debt up?

Quelle: Chinese Surge in Construction Explains Pickup in Base Metals Stocks

Aus einem andere Artikel auf The Daily Reckoning:

Unless the US becomes a net saver, „another global financial crisis triggered by a dollar crisis could be inevitable,“ forecast former Chinese central banker Yu Yongding over the weekend. (Oy… Beijing is 7,000 miles from Washington, and even they can see this coming.)

Quelle: American Family’s Share of Government Debt Now Over Half a Million Dollars

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