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Chinesische (Feinschmecker-)Küche

[…] Cats are very common, so only by advertising the meat as being from a wild animal would it be attractive to diners. After removing the heads and claws and soaking the cat bodies in the herbs, even the smartest diner can’t discern that what they are eating is cat meat. Cat meat cost us 20 yuan (approximately US$2.50) for each carcass, but leopard meat cost 138 yuan (approximately US$17.25) per kilogram.

[…] Instead of using white rice vinegar to bleach the claws, the chicken claws were whitened by soaking them in Hydrogen Peroxide. […]

Once I asked Rong, „Do all restaurants take inferiors as superiors and mix the spurious with the genuine?“ She sighed and said, „People are the same all over the world. They all pursue profit.

Quelle: Former Chinese Restaurant Employee Tells All

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