Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2007, 18:59 Uhr

Musikindustrie: State of the Union

The music companies are in a dying business, and they know it. Sure, they act all cool because they hang around with rock stars. But beneath all the glamour these guys are actually operating two very low-tech businesses. One is a form of loan-sharking: they put up money to make records, then force recording artists to pay the money back with exorbitant interest. The other business is distribution. They’ve got big warehouses and they control the shipment of little plastic boxes that happen to have music in them.

Ironically the mistake the major labels made was the same one that IBM made when it gave the DOS franchise to Microsoft nearly 30 years ago. They were faced with a new market that they didn’t understand. They had a piece of work that they couldn’t do on their own or didn’t want to do on their own and they didn’t view it as critical or important, so they outsourced it to a partner. The partner turned that seemingly unimportant work into a way to accrue power and create a monopoly and control the industry.

Quelle: The music industry nobs have finally figured out what we’re doing

„Steve Jobs“ über Geschichte, die sich wiederholt. Wird Universal wirklich aus dem Deal mit Apple aussteigen, oder ist es nur eine Drohgebärde (wobei der Drohende eigentlich gar nicht in der Position ist, Forderungen zu stellen?)

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