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The Great Depression neu gedeutet

One argument is that the 1930s depression was really about the structural hickup as the economy shifted from being based on the power from agriculture and from a secondary extent from the power of coal to one actually driven by the power of oil.

Quelle: David Holmgren: PERMACULTURE & PEAK OIL: Beyond ‚Sustainability‘ (ca. bei -21:00)

Nachtrag: Ist es purer Zufall, dass 1928 ein Öl-Kartell gebildet wurde?

McQuaig described how three of the giants, Shell, BP and Exxon, met at Achnacarry Castle, Scotland in late summer, 1928 to end price competition and stabilize world markets. Their leaders „hammer(ed) out an agreement in writing that set the course for the international oil order for decades to come,“ lasting through the early 1970s. It was not to compete, but rather to set quotas, maintain existing market shares, cooperate in sharing facilities, and avoid surplus production to keep prices stable.

Quelle: Reviewing Linda McQuaig’s „It’s the Crude, Dude“

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