Donnerstag, 13. September 2007, 0:13 Uhr

Irak: Wie hoch wird der Abschreiber?

America is long past the possibility of some kind of profitable outcome in Iraq. Neo-con dreams of a quick, cheap victory, delivering democracy and peace and self-financed from Iraq’s own oil revenue, got us started on this misadventure. Like the students, the early bidding seemed like a fun adventure to the boys in the Bush administration. „Bring ‚em on,“ the chief boy said about the other bidders. And like the economics class, suddenly we were in the thing up to our necks, with only bad choices available at an ever-escalating cost.

Quelle: Lessons on the surge from economics 101

Najaaa … wenn man die Truppen schon mal vor Ort hat, könnte man es doch in Iran versuchen?

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