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Kauft Apple wirklich Twitter? Ein möglicher Grund

Kollege Burgdorfer in einem kürzlich erschienen Artikel:

It just occurred to me, that there is actually a perfect reason for Apple to buy Twitter. In fact, it could turn Twitter into a massive money making machinery.

Quelle: The Perfect Reason why Apple should buy Twitter

Kurz zusammengefasst hat Apple gemäss Burgi einen Masterplan: Twitter soll das SMS-System ersetzen. Ich finde das eine bescheuerte Idee, und zwar aus folgenden Gründen:

I don’t think so:

  • 25 Million Twitter users compared to 4 billion mobile handsets being manufactured in 2010 (estd.)
  • Twitter is proprietary bullshit (from a technical point of view), SMS is standardized. SMS is used by billions out there and I don’t see how you wanna convert billions of accustomed SMS users to become Twitter fans over night.
  • Usual people don’t get the concept of Twitter. Do you really want your sensitive love letter sms to end up on Twitter is 1:n, while SMS stays 1:1 (of course you can send private messages through Twitter, but its the default setting that matters: Twitter = public, SMS = private)
  • Twitter is discrete – if you miss a message from someone, it doesn’t really matter … but what about the SMS from your girlfriend telling she’ll be 10 minutes late for your date? You don’t wanna get this info by Twitter, do you?
  • You need a permanent internet connection to receive Twits. SMS you get on every GSM network, even if it is dead slow (much less overhead than HTTP).

Always remember that Apple is following the KISS approach. Why a) put in a middleman (Twitter) and b) why replace a common standard? I hope they don’t buy Twitter, but if they do, please Apple, don’t pay a too high price for it. It’s just a hype, after all!

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didn’t know if you noticed oder s vilech sogar extra gmacht hesch, but you mixed up die Sprache mitten im Artikel :)

eMeidi sagt:

Der Kommentar erschien als erstes auf Burgis Blog. Selbstverständlich kommentiere ich einen englisch-sprachigen Artikel auch mit englischen Sätzen …

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