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Montag, 30. August 2010

Rezessionen mag einfach keiner

Wieder mal hat Bill Bonner drüben bei Daily Reckoning in wenigen Worten einen potentiellen Klassiker verpackt:

Investors don’t like it much when the economy and the markets turn down. It makes them look like morons…which they usually are. Businessmen don’t like it much either. Falling sales or failing businesses make them look incompetent and reduce their compensation. The average person doesn’t like it because he loses his job…and sometimes his savings. And the politicians don’t like it because they pretend to have everything under control; when things seem to go wrong, voters blame them.

Quelle: The Mistake-Correction Cycle of Real World Economics

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Montag, 30. August 2010

Die Benutzung des MSIE lässt auf den IQ schliessen

When comparing browsers, I also observed that Internet Explorer makes up only about 5% of views. (If that’s not a leading indicator of the intellect of the readers, I don’t know what is.)

Quelle: asymco | Dogfooding Asymco stats

Als hauptsächlicher Safari-Benutzer kann ich dieser Schlussfolgerung ohne Bedenken zustimmen.

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