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Muslime und Weltherrschaft

Ich, als Antwort auf einen doofen Artikel in einem Blog, das eigentlich alles über die Sci-Fi-Serie Battlestar Galactica besprechen sollte:

Let’s have a closer look:

„Muslims to spread their religion through war“ – Well, they kill people who don’t believe in Islam. But I’m not sure whether this can be called SPREADING a religion? I don’t recall anyone converting to Islam because of recent attacks. I wouldn’t even say „muslims“, since it’s only a minority of Muslim believers, also known als fundamentalists, who actually kill people. As long as they don’t have the means to kill billions of humans, i don’t see a threat. Does anyone have figures how much westerners actually have been killed by muslim fundamentalists?

„… but most are secular and don’t seem to spend a lot of time thinking much about it. This sounds like the United States.“ – In my eyes, those of a European citizen, I see the US as a very religious country. Well, at least your current ruling elite is know for its affection to Christianity. And since someone has to have voted for them, I assume voters tend to be religious too. Maybe I am wrong?

„This is similar to the Islamic belief that those who die in war will ascend to Paradise.“ – The belief you continue „living“ after death is common to Christian religions as well. Actually, I see the Cylons behaviour more as a reincarnation, aligning it with Buddism and other Asian religions, not primarily with Islam.

„The resurrection ship isn’t exactly Paradise, but the point is that for both Muslim and Cylon, death in battle doesn’t mean the end of existence.“ – I don’t remember a religion at all which states: „When you die, you vanish. No more consciousness, nothing. Finito“.

„Obviously similar to how the Muslims use suicide bombers to attack their enemies.“ – True, but: The Muslims didn’t invent it (well, in fact they did, but some centuries ago as a result of the crusades). Bombing is/was also common to the IRA in Ireland or the ETA in Spain. Both terrorist groups consisting of people with Christian belief.

„Similarly, the Muslims have a plan to take over the world by spreading all over and gradually edging out the other religions.“ – I guess the US is much closer to fulfill this „plan“ ;-) The US sports a well trained army, weapons of mass destruction and even the money to get closer to „ruling the world“ than any other power in history ever has.

„But the Muslims see it as part of their long-term plan to take over the world.“ – I guess there you really misinterpretatet the situation: I’m not sure at all whether you can even call them „the Muslims“ expressing they’re acting as a whole. Muslims aren’t lead centrally and most of them (maybe … 99%?) aren’t even aware of such a plan. Muslims are spread over the world, living in a lot of different countries, some not democratic at all. They’re not homogenous, but heterogenous and even form different religious movements like Sunnites or Shi’its.

But, of course, it is true that the numbers keep growing in the West. I’m just saying this growth isn’t based on an evil plan to take over the world. Reproduction, stupid. It just happens, but the outcome isn’t sure. Let’s hope for the good.

Conclusion: Your thesis doesn’t work out for me since it’s biased.

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