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Weitere Meldung des Tages: Iran reichert Uranium an

So the only way to have peace is to nuke any country thats trying to make nukes to defend themselves from being nuked from that country who already has nukes but doesn’t want anybody else to have nukes but themselves because they believe they are more responsible with those said nukes……see doesn’t that make perfect sense?

If you believe any of the following statements are true then you are a brainwashed idiot and probably American:

  1. Iran is run by an unstable government
  2. Iran has violated treaties it has signed
  3. Iran has attacked another country
  4. Iran has threatened to attack another country
  5. Iran is building nuclear weapons
  6. Iran has threatened to use nuclear weapons against another country, even non-nuclear countries
  7. Iran is a threat to world peace

If you substitute America for Iran in the above and believe any of the statements are false then you are a brainwashed idiot and probably American.

Quelle: Kommentare auf Iran ‚reaches nuclear target‘

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