Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2007, 2:24 Uhr

Wem gehört mein Haus?

Schreckliche Situation, in der die us-amerikanischen Häuslebesitzer* und Geldverleiher stecken:

For one thing, nobody really knows where the actual ownership of the individual mortgages has actually landed. This is a major awful consequence of the scheme to disperse risk so widely in the creation of these derivatives. The scheme was so successful that now nobody knows which mortgage belongs to whom and how to begin renegotiating it. So any talk about restructuring these mortgages is absurd, since to do so would require agreement between the borrowers and the lenders. All the lawyers who ever lived would not be able to sort out this mess, and most of the money at stake would end up going to the lawyers now living if the process were to go forward.


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