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Montag, 3. Dezember 2007

Langfinger unter sich

„Don’t steal, the government hates competition!“

Quelle: Paul Right To Vote Against Rosa Parks Medal

Dieses Zitat enthält einen doppelten Sinn: a) der Staat „stiehlt“ seinen Steuerzahlern das Geld aus dem Sack, b) er hasst Konkurrenz, was meiner Meinung nach auch einen Hinweis auf die freie Marktwirtschaft sein soll …

Der ist auch ganz gut:

The Congressional Gold Medal is made of solid gold, and in every instance it is awarded, it can cost taxpayers upwards of $30,000. […]

Paul also lamented the „supreme irony“ of awarding a Buddhist leader with such a costly material gift when Buddhism eschews worldly possessions in favor of spiritual wealth.

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Montag, 3. Dezember 2007

Frau 2.0

“If we can put a man on the moon,” he might point out, “why can’t we turn our wives into more agreeable companions?”

Quelle: US Government Should Pass Laws to Make Women Sexier, More Submissive

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Montag, 3. Dezember 2007

Wenn Häuser unerklärlicherweise immer wertvoller werden

The run-up of home prices made even less sense than the dot-com bubble — I mean, there wasn’t even a glamorous new technology to justify claims that old rules no longer applied — but somehow financial markets accepted crazy home prices as the new normal.

Quelle: Innovating Our Way to Financial Crisis

Auch in diesem Artikel in der New York Times wird das böse „R“-Wort wieder in den Mund genommen. Was sagt Google?

Google Trends: recession

Hmmm …

Der Markt steht über allem!

Wahrscheinlich hat sich der Staat immer noch zu stark in die Wirtschaft eingemischt …

At a deep level, I believe that the problem was ideological: policy makers, committed to the view that the market is always right, simply ignored the warning signs.

[…] The bottom line is that policy makers left the financial industry free to innovate — and what it did was to innovate itself, and the rest of us, into a big, nasty mess.

Gibt es wirklich eine Rezession (in den USA)? Wie schwer wird sie ausfallen? Auf Web-Sites, auf denen ich verkehre, werden Horrorszenarios geäussert. „Schlimmer als die Great Depression“ werde es werden, hört man dort fast schon täglich:

Do you remember the rule, dear reader? The force of a correction is equal and opposite to the delusion that preceded it. What would you expect to follow the biggest credit expansion of all time? Something pretty dramatic.

Quelle: Credit Expansion Ends, Leads to Falling House Prices

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Montag, 3. Dezember 2007

Die geheimsten Wünsche eines Coders

I wouldn’t be bothered all day by marketing folks asking could the forms be mauve, I wouldn’t have to worry about the wording of some field label on some feature that no one even knew how to get to, I wouldn’t have to deal with icons that were too Anglo-Saxon, too masculine or too feminine, I wouldn’t have to worry that some important VP wanted a new button that would confuse 90% of users. I would just write code. […]

Quelle: Formula Engine Rewrite

Das Ziel:

The engine needed to be rewritten from the ground up, it needed to be made maintainable, it needed to be faster, and it needed to be completely backwards compatible..

Alles tönte super – bis zum letzten Teilsatz. Genau diese Rückwärtskompatibilität hat den OpenXML-Standard krepieren lassen sowie zum Flop Windows Vista geführt. Rückwärtskompatibilität wird Microsoft diese und nächste Dekade das Leben verflucht schwer machen … Und somit den Entwicklern, die bei Microsoft (und anderen riesigen Software-Unternehmen) arbeiten.

Iris was a lot like most engineering organizations, most of the good work was done by handful of talented people, the others often produced barely functional crap that would need to be cleaned up someday.

Ich habe Lotus Notes noch nie benutzt, doch die Beschreibung der „Notes templates“ lässt mich aufhorchen:

Describing how Notes templates work is a difficult thing, there is really nothing else quite like it the software world, but I guess I’d describe Notes templates as sort of like web applications. As a template developer, you must deal with back-end storage issues, you are writing in scripting languages for both the back-end and front-end functionality and rendering stuff, it’s sort of like working with ASP, HTML and JavaScript…sort of.

Ich bin mir fast sicher, dass SAP etwas Ähnliches mitbringt … ABAP und so.

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